Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The way we were.....

Ok. As I have confessed the state to which the garden has deteriorated over our demolition / construction / legal battle period.. here are some lovely photos my daughter took a few years prior to our letting the garden run away from us.. Didn't do too bad considering the garden was established in the years of drought, so not much watering going on really.

Hmm, I believe this is Dainty Bess... or might be Lavender Pinocchio but I believe Dainty Bess is more likely.

..anonymous red rose... pooossibly my fave from Bishop's Lodge

Tipsy Imperial Concubine. These are some of the first flowers she produced for me. and yes, she is not only beautiful - she has a gorgeous perfume as well - and she's pretty tough in the ground too.

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